Standing Committees

To run the Council efficiently and assess a wide range of agenda items in an expert-driven manner, Seoul Metropolitan Council has 10 standing committees. These committees consist of up to 13 members as per ordinance, and assess agenda items and petitions related to relevant teams. The head of a committee is elected from among the committee members to a two-year term.

  • Council Steering

    The Council Steering Committee oversees Council operations, namely, overall proceedings, schedules, work that falls under the Secretariat's responsibilities and formation of special committees. It supports councilors' administrative activities in close cooperation with the chair & vice chairs, negotiation groups, etc.

  • Administration &
    Autonomy Committee

    The Administration & Autonomy Committee oversees general administration (civil servant training, financial assistance to autonomous districts) and financial administration policy (community property acquisition & management and taxation) while carrying out internal audits to ensure that its employees work according to high standards.

  • Planning &
    Economy Committee

    To ensure that Council work is translated into happiness for city residents, the Planning & Economy Committee aims to efficiently manage budgets and organization, help the working class and households prosper through support for small business owners and creating sustainable, quality jobs, which are the main pillars of the local economy, and complete economic democracy by promoting socio-economic organizations.

  • Environment &
    Water Resources Committee

    Environment& Water Resources Committee work is divided into environment- related tasks to keep the air clean in Seoul, waste management, environmental preservation and restoration, such as managing green spaces and parks and conserving ecosystems. On top of these things, the committee is also in charge of work related to water resources, including city waterworks and management of the Han River.

  • Culture, Sports &
    Tourism Committee

    The Culture, Sports & Tourism Committee is in charge of public relations on current Council activity, interaction with the public, cultural policy, culture & arts and their promotion, artifact preservation, promotion of tourism and sports, urban design policy, promotion of the design industry, etc.

  • Health &
    Social Affairs Committee

    The responsibilities of the Health & Social Affairs Committee are categorized into: -social welfare, which focuses on the urban poor, the elderly, those with disabilities, low income households and other socially-vulnerable groups - clinics, public health, hygiene and food & medicines, and -family and policy related to women, children and teenagers.

  • Public Safety &
    Construction Committee

    The Public Safety & Construction Committee carries out tasks related to urban safety and disaster management while observing, monitoring, coordinating and supporting a wide range of construction administration activities to make Seoul safer, cleaner and more eco-friendly. Generally, it focuses on safety, and disaster prevention with a people-centered approach.

  • City Planning Management

    The City Planning Management Committee oversees policies on housing, construction and urban planning, with tasks that include supervising establishment and adjustment of urban and urban management plans, urban regeneration of existing towns, supply of public rental housing for the working class, preservation of hanok (traditional Korean housing), establishment of construction standards, etc

  • Transportation

    The Transportation Committee oversees general matters related to establishing and revising transport policy. This includes adjusting fares and routes of subway and inner city buses, planning installation and management of parking facilities, cracking down on traffic violations, establishing and operating transport management systems on urban expressways and the Namsan area, providing traffic information, and setting up traffic plans for walking, cycling, etc

  • Education

    The Education Committee oversees Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education's work (school education at various levels, managing lifelong learning institutes, founding and closing down schools at various levels, providing school tuition for students from low income households, managing school meals, etc.) and is undertaking policy related to enhancement of education welfare, including improving graduation rates and educational environment, and ensuring balanced educational policy, etc.